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Chains of Office

We have a wide selection of stock chain links, which is still growing. We can manufacture Chains of Office from these links, or we can design new ones to your specification, or manufacture a chain using a combination of both.

These Chains can be manufactured in silver or gold plated base metal, or in precious metals such as HM Silver and Gold. Most chains consist of 28 – 32 links, but this does depend upon the size of the individual links. We have chain designs that come in both a small and large versions, which is perfect for matching Mayor and Mayoress Chains of Office. These are the C70, C74 and C76

We do not only manufacture new chains, we are able to add matching links to your existing chain, or new links of a differing style. We can also offer advice and services to retire old chains, or to lengthen, refurbish and enhance existing chains.


Bespoke Chains:


Stock Chains: