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Clip on Ties
Ties are made from different materials, according to budget and requirement.
The design on ties is woven, and this process requires origination in the form of a Jacquard.

Your Logo or Crest can be under the knot, at the tip, or repeated all over.
The background can be plain, or classic stripes, with your logo in the position of your choice.

Clip-on ties and bow ties are other options.If you need advice on material or design, ask us!

Scarves will contain your logo, printed in the appropriate number of colours.

To include your logo, we print a complete design and charge a set-up cost for the ‘screens’. One screen is needed for each colour.

Cloth badges are suitable for blazer pockets, and are made on computer- controlled machines. When the occasion demands, they can include silver and gold wire, and these are made by hand.

Price depends on complexity of design (stitch density) and size, so ask us for a quote.

We also supply cloth flashes for sewing/sticking to sweaters and sweatshirts.

Our range is much larger than we can show


Designs can also be embroidered directly onto clothing, so ask us for a quote.

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