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All products shown here are supplied from stock and are suitable for engraving

Collar medals (Dux medals), either with wreath front and plain reverse, or plain both sides.
Both sides have raised rims.   Available in gold plate, silver plate and dark bronze.

Flat Backed medals with wreath fronts and plain flat reverses (no raised rim).   Fronts are either for centres (WF/C) or engraving (WF/E).   Available in gold plate, silver plate and dark bronze.

Small fancy medals for use as they are, or with centres at extra cost.   Centres are metal (16 mm or 25 mm) or acrylic (25 mm) from stock, or to customers own designs.   Available in gilt, chrome and bronze.

Silver plated spoons
, either purpose-made golf and bowls spoons, or the SS/220 which takes 16 mm (5/8”) gilt metal centres (at extra cost).   Spoons are normally supplied in spoon pouches.  We can supply spoon boxes on request.

Our range is much larger than we can show


Paper knife in highly polished gilt plate. We can supply boxes on request.

All medals are supplied in plastic sachets. Cases shown on Page 5 are suitable for Collar Medals and Flat-backed Medals.

Hallmarked Silver, Silver Gilt and Gold are used frequently in the production of these items.     

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