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Bars and Ribbons Birmingham

The bars and ribbons illustrated below are a few examples of our range.   We have many more titles than those shown, and many different colours of ribbons.   If you don’t see what you want, please ask.

Bars have brooch fittings and are made with the following variations:

Bars without rings or ribbon wires  
Bars with rings - Bars with ribbon wires - Bars with ribbon wires and ribbons

Make sure you specify which type you want when you order.

Enamelled bars can be made in colours of your choice, with ribbon to match.

Slide bars normally have wires.
But, they can also be supplied with brooch fittings. In this case please use the
suffix /Brooch when you order  e.g. SB1/Brooch.

Our range is much larger than we can show


Bars and slide bars are normally gilt, but they are also available in silver and bronze finishes at extra cost.  Make sure you specify the finish you want.

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