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Medals Of Office

The Medals of Office shown are based on our designs, and then personalised to give a medal specifically suited to your need

All these medals are suitable for use with centres made to customers’ own designs as illustrated in the photographs.

Title scrolls are included in the medal prices. You can have any title scroll fitted to any medal. We can engrave and colour any special titles.

Ribbons are available in most colours, and we make them to three different designs:Ribbon and loop, tailored at the shoulders

Double ribbon, made from two thickness and sewn together – used with large numbers of slide bars
Mitred Ribbon, not illustrated, but visually similar to the Double Ribbon – used when only a few slide bars are required.

Cases shown opposite are stock items and are suitable for most applications

Our range is much larger than we can show


We can also make them specially for you – ask for a Quotation.

Hallmarked Silver, Silver Gilt or Gold is used frequently in the production of these items. Its use adds considerably to the perceived value

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