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The medals shown below were all made to our customers’ own designs and specifications.   The illustration contains examples of medals of different materials, types, sizes and finishes.

Hallmarked Silver or Gold is used to make  medals where a high perceived value is required for prestigious events.   Silver Gilt is another option we offer.

Gilding metal or copper are the materials used for many medals where the use of Silver or Gold is not required.

Gold plate, silver plate and bronze are the three main finishes used on non-precious medals, but there are additional choices of polished, matte or oxidised (and even combinations of these).

Collar medals have designs on both sides.   The reverse can be either an additional customer’s design or a standard wreath or a plain reverse with raised rim.

Our range is much larger than we can show


Flat-backed medals have a completely flat reverse i.e. no raised rim.
Quantities range from one to thousands. Sizes range from 25 mm (1”) to 100 mm (4”).

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