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From the earliest days, Wh Darby has run on the foundations of craftsmanship and service, and we remain true to these traditions today

Your best guarantee of prompt, high quality service is the reputation we have developed over three centuries.

One of our founders was a die-sinker in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, and who won many awards for his skills. One of his dies has survived from the nineteenth century, through development and modernisation, and is on display with pride in the company's factory in Birmingham today.

Still in family ownership, the company has faithfully maintained the standards of quality, attention to detail and service that were set three centuries ago.

We have built on these foundations and have developed complimentary skills to become one of the foremost names in manufacturing Medals, Badges, Insignia and other presentational products, backed up by standards of service others find hard to match.


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16 Well Street, Birmingham B19 3BJ England T: 0121 554 9817 F: 0121 523 3585
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