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Illuminated Scrolls are hand painted onto traditional parchment. The techniques used are centuries old, and have yet to be beaten by modern methods.

Scroll Holders are available in both silver-plate and Hallmarked Silver, and are usually engraved. The scroll holders are best kept on the stand supplied (included in the price).

Trays (Chippendale Trays or Salvers) are supplied either plain or patterned. Plain trays can be supplied with feet, and are suitable for engraving. All trays are supplied in presentation

boxes- Hallmarked Silver is an option – ask for a quote.

Heraldic Shields are hand painted onto wood, and are ideal for displaying crests or logos.

Place Mats are available in the sizes shown, with crests or logos printed in the centre.

Glasses come in a variety of styles, all suitable for engraving with crests, logos or names.

Coasters are made from metal and leather, with a 50 mm (2”) central disk containing your crest or logo. Also available in Hallmarked Silver.

Card Holders are made from silver-plated metal, and will take both credit cards and business cards. They are suitable for engraving crests or logos on the front.

Our range is much larger than we can show


Gavels and Blocks are useful gifts to retiring chairmen and chairwomen, as the gavel is designed for engraving

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