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Fraternal Jewels and Badges

The Jewels and Badges illustrated below are examples of what we can make for you. In practice, we make items for most organisations and Fraternal Societies, including: Masonic Lodges, Provinces and Charities, Rotary, Lions, Oddfellows, Probus Fellowship Trust, etc.

All items can be made in 9 ct Gold or Hallmarked Silver as well as gilding metal.

Hand enamel painting is a very high quality way of reproducing a crest or logo in full colour and in fine detail. It is also very useful when small quantities are required.

Quantities can be as low as one. We are often asked ‘what is your minimum quantity?’ and many new customers are surprised when we say “one”.
Of course, we can also make several thousands, without difficulty, to meet your requirements.

We offer a refurbishment and repair service, so your Jewels can be brought up to ‘as-new’ condition.We also undertake alterations and additions, so you can make economical use of old or damaged Jewels. Price is affected by size, shape, number of colours, complexity of enamelling, fittings, material used and other factors.

Because designs vary so much, it is not helpful to give a guide price for these products. Instead, send us your design for a firm quotation.

Our range is much larger than we can show


The Finish can be gold or silver.

The quotation will also give guidance and advice when required, as well as a choice of materials when appropriate. We will recommend the best way of producing your job, and will suggest alternatives where possible. Over the centuries, we have accumulated a wealth of product knowledge and production techniques. Let us use these to help you.

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