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Machine Engraving Birmingham
Hand engraving is the traditional method of fine engraving carried out by our master craftsmen using hand cutting tools.  This style of engraving has been the preferred method on many of our prestigious awards. Silver and Gold items
Machine Engraving – Diamond tipped State of the art Computer Engraving

Block Engraving small plates annual record shields small medals other small items

Double cut
shield centres large plates, large medals Script for plaques and trophiesMachine engraving – drilled Filled with wax Filled with enamel

Cufflink Cases,Small cardboard boxes, Small Medal Case, Red/Blue Medal Case
2 ½” Medal Case, Larger Cases, Medal Pouchs, Leatherette Case, Small Jewel Case Folding Medal Wallet, Chain of Office Case, Special Cases

We make trophies for special awards and presentations to your own designs. Send us your ideas and let us quote.Our range of trophies with figures or centres is designed to put quality back into this market.


These products are based on wood, and are trophies of traditional style – like those you could buy before the market became flooded with cheap plastic trophies from abroad.

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