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The same die can be used to make many items. These are illustrated in the central group of green enamel products.   All those items listed can be made from the same die.

Items without enamel are made in relief, and some designs require this. Our range includes many items made in relief, not requiring colour. We have illustrated buttons, cufflinks, a spoon, a key fob and key rings, but any item available in enamel can also be produced in a version without enamel using a different die.

Hallmarked Silver and Gold are used frequently in the production of many of these items.   Its use adds considerably to the perceived value.

Cufflinks can be made with ‘torpedo’ fittings (like the apple links shown), or with chains. Cufflinks can be supplied in cases (as illustrated) if required.

Spoons are supplied in spoon pouches, but can be supplied in boxes on request.


Paper knives can be supplied either plain for engraving, or with a logo attached, They can be supplied in boxes on request.

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