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Wh Darby Badges
The badges illustrated below are examples of what we can make for you.

Our range is much larger than we can show, so ask us for what you want.Hallmarked Silver badges are top of the range, and suitable for those prestigious occasions when only the best is good enough.
Badges for Long Service are often made in Hallmarked Silver, Gold and Platinum,
and these can also be set with precious stones if required.

Printed badges meet a particular need.   Coloured letters and other coloured detail too fine for enamel can be included. Quantities range
from one to many thousands.Sizes range from 10 mm (0.4”) to 80 mm (3 ¼”).Finish can be gilt, silver, chrome or bronze.  
The choice is yours.

Our aim is to give excellent customer service
combined with best value

Products - Brooch badges, Buttons, Cap badges, Car badges, Centres (for trophies) Clutch badges, Cufflinks (torpedo), Jewellers Bars, Key rings, Money clips,Name badges, Tie clips, Tie pins, Stick pins, Scarf rings.

Our range is much larger than we can show


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