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Whatever your need, we can manufacture the products you want.

Pricing is by quotation. Send us an idea of your requirements, and we will discuss these with you to develop products of which you will be proud.

The illustration shows a few examples of products made from different materials.

Bronze statue on a marble plinth. This figure is cast in solid bronze from a master created by our own sculptor. The finish
of this piece is dark bronze, but of course, other finishes are possible.

Wooden plaque, personalised with a corporate logo in metal
and enamel.

Free standing statue, cast from white metal, and finished in oxidised silver. This is in the form of a corporate logo, with another image superimposed for a sponsored event.

Bronze resin casting, on a wooden plinth. This is in the form
of a computer, with a corporate logo shown on the screen.

Glass, wood and enamel, in the form of a glass globe, on a wooden base, with a corporate logo in metal and enamel.

Sterling Silver model. The one shown is in the form of a lawn green bowl, but it could have been a Spitfire, or a model
pit-head gear, as shown on our Web site.


Free standing statue on an integral plinth, where the plinth itself carries the corporate message.

Medal, encapsulated in acrylic. The medal can be finished in gold, silver or bronze, and carries the corporate logo. Sizes can vary from 1” medals upwards, though the most cost effective is a 2” medal in a 3” block.

Drinking glass, with logo. This glass has a recess on the stem for a metal disc, which was stamped with the customer’s logo, and finished in oxidised silver. Other styles are, of course, available.

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